Trail Information Programs

The Trail Conference is the go-to source for the best trail information in the region.

We provide comprehensive resources to help you prepare for and enjoy your next outdoor adventure, including:


Our map sets are updated on a regular basis. In 2017, we'll be working on new editions of North Jersey Trails and East Hudson Trails.
What goes into producing the best trail maps around? Read about our map makers.

Get Involved

Our volunteers don't just build and maintain trails.

They're trail aficionados who share their expertise and love of the outdoors in so many ways: from assisting visitors at our headquarters, to field-checking trail and hike data, to helping with the publication of maps and books, to contributing professional skills (writing, marketing, technology, design, legal). If you want to be involved, you can be. It's as simple as that!

Tell us how you'd like to give back, and we'll connect you with opportunities.